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About MCLS

MCLS was founded in 1990 by Frans Hendrickx. The acronym MCLS stands for Management Consulting & Listbroking Services. At that time the main activity consisted only from the rental of databases available on the market, which were selected in function of the intended target group of a postal mail campaign.

Soon a significant expansion of the activities took place, when MCLS acquired the right to exclusively market certain address lists. Thanks to these more extensive databases a geographical expansion followed automatically of clients for direct mail in mainly Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany.

A second significant expansion took place in 1992, when the company started offering the possibility to insert advertising leaflets in parcels of direct marketing companies.

On 12 June 2013, Frans Hendrickx transferred his leadership and shares of MCLS to the Antwerp entrepreneur Patrick Moens and André Weening, the commercial director of MCLS. Together they lead the company since then. On 1 september 2013 MCLS moved to the offices of the dynamoo Group in Lier. The dynamoo Group is also owned by Patrick Moens.

MCLS offers innovative solutions for prospection in different countries: on- or offline, CPM or CPO, single-, multi- or omni-channel. As a result, MCLS developed over the years to become the Direct Targeting expert, efficiently reaching the right customer group in order to create maximum response is the key in everything we do.