About MCLS

Founded in 1990, MCLS is all about finding new customers or new (international) markets for your brand or product. MCLS has grown into a 'customer acquisition' marketing agency, focusing on efficiently reaching the right target group.

About MCLS

We offer innovative solutions for companies in Belgium and the Netherlands that are looking for new markets or want to expand their market. With our years of experience, a full-service approach (advice and execution) and our extensive partner network, we determine exactly what works for your brand.

Marketing consultancy

MCLS advises you on an international go-to-market strategy, optimal handling of data, privacy legislation, brand strategy with specialization in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Digital marketing with impact

You can count on MCLS to accomplish targeted (online) marketing projects. Ready to attract new customers? MCLS is more than happy to help you.

This team supports you!

  • Andre Weening

    Andre Weening

    Commercial Director

    + 32 (0)3 658 3883

  • Patrick Moens

    Patrick Moens

    Managing director

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  • Miranda Schmidt

    Miranda Schmidt


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  • Cederic Partoens

    Cederic Partoens

    digital marketeer (SEO/SEA)

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