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Finding and keeping customers is the major critical success factor for any organization.

There are many ways to attract customers. You can use mass media such as radio and television, but this involves substantial budgets and the ROI is hard to measure.
You can also aim very precisely at certain target groups, both online and offline. MCLS finds those target groups for you and knows how to reach them.

As a matter of fact, finding customers has been MCLS’ core business since 1990.


MCLS provides you with access to a complete range of consumer postal addresses, at both national and international level. Among these are databases from well known organizations, which contain very well responding addresses and which are only available via MCLS. We select for you the addresses that meet the criteria of your target group and make certain to provide you with sound advice.


Do you want to attract customers by means of a telemarketing campaign? MCLS advises you on possible databases with names, phone numbers and associate consumer profiles – always with regard to your target group. Moreover, MCLS can help you all the way with setting up and executing your telemarketing campaign.


Datacards of responsive lists are available on request. With our datacards at hand you yourself can assess and even select some well responding, available address databases. If you are interested please consult MCLS, so we can send you datacards that could interest you.


Home shopping remains a huge success. This means that ever more parcels are being sent. You can take advantage of that. Newspapers, magazines, door to door, trade magazines, … are perfect carriers for your message in the form of a flyer or a mini-catalogue. MCLS can help you with inserts & flyers in parcels and media.


MCLS selects on your behalf companies with customers whose profile is similar to that of your customers. We can have your flyer or mini-catalogue inserted in those companies parcels and mailings. That’s how you can reach the customers you seek.


MCLS has ample know-how of print media on the Belgian and Dutch market. We are glad to help you select the proper media that match your target group.


For effective email campaigns, you can rely on the wide range of email address files from which MCLS can draw. MCLS also generates online leads quick and effectively on your behalf.


We select for you which files are best suitable to reach your target group. It goes without saying that MCLS only works with email files that comply with the strict opt-in rules of the EU.


Whether you want to generate leads for email newsletters, for telemarketing, for creating a great email database or to attract consumers who clearly indicate that they are interested in your products: We will arrange it for you.

Ready to attract some new customers?
MCLS would love to help you!