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MCLS offers you added value in many ways

Finding and keeping customers is the major critical success factor for any organization. There are many ways to attract customers. You can use mass media such as radio and television, but this involves substantial budgets and the ROI is hard to measure. You can also aim very precisely at certain target groups, both online and offline. MCLS finds those target groups for you and knows how to reach them. As a matter of fact, finding customers has been MCLS’ core business since 1990.

MCLS is ready to guide the way



Every organization is looking for ways to boost its turnover. They often only consider attracting new customers. MCLS generates turnover for you without having to make large costs!
As a matter of fact, your database of customers, prospects or relationships is worth money! We are glad to investigate – together with you – whether you are allowed to rent those data to third parties.

Or allow (non-competitive) third parties to insert a flyer or mini-catalogue in the parcels/mailings you sent to your customers. MCLS will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.


MCLS also offers you services with regard to other parts of the marketing mix. Are you considering sending a mailing, but are you not too sure about the proper wording of your message? MCLS works with professional copywriters. You can also outsource the graphic design, the printing and forwarding to MCLS. As to telemarketing, MCLS can take care of your complete campaign, from script to order handling.


MCLS can help you with deduplication, enrichment, validation, standardisation and the analysis of your data:


You don’t want to send the same message twice to your customers and prospects. MCLS deduplicates your database and/or your rented addresses. This way, you make sure that your customers and prospects get your offer only once.


You want to contact your customers by telephone, but you don’t have their telephone numbers. MCLS can enrich your database with telephone numbers, but also with socio-demographic data or with geocodes.


How up-to-date are your customer addresses? Does your customer still lives at the same address? MCLS checks your addresses and corrects them when necessary.


Is your database built up uniformly? I.e. was every record entered in the same way, e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.? MCLS standardizes your lists, so you can use and follow them up effectively.


MCLS uses various analysis tools and know-how in order to extract from your address or response as much information as possible. Information that tells you more about your target group, their purchasing patterns, preferences, etc.

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