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MCLS, your ideal partner in customer attraction
and data- and marketing services.

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Finding and keeping customers is the major critical success factor for any organization. There are many ways to attract customers.

You can use mass media such as radio and television, but this involves substantial budgets and the ROI is hard to measure.

You can also aim very precisely at certain target groups, both online and offline. MCLS finds those target groups for you and knows how to reach them.

As a matter of fact, finding customers has been MCLS’ core business since 1990.

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MCLS offers you added value in many ways. Did you know e.g. that your customer data (or the parcels you send out as a result of an order) are worth money?

MCLS will gladly tell you how. We also offer services that make your customer data more effective, from deduplication of customer data up to customer analysis.

You can also call upon us for a full service marketing project – from copywriting, printing, personalisation and insertion up to the mailing itself.

Telemarketing campaigns are up our alley too.

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